Irrigation Management Services

foehr-w-e-lund-belindski-008With a properly installed and maintained irrigation system, creating a beautiful landscape just got easier.  We know it’s the northwest but in the summers there is a water deficit, and plants can dry out quickly. With today’s “smart controllers” we can help you customize a schedule that meets the plants needs and at the same time save you water.  From spring turn-ons, summer monitoring and repairs, renovations, and winterization, we are here to keep your landscape alive.

Backflow Testing

In certain jurisdictions backflow testing of the irrigation system is required.  It is a device that keeps your portable water free of contaminants.  We have a certified backflow assembly tester in house that can take care of all the testing and proper paper work for you.  We can also test your Fire Suppression backflow at the same time if required.